Wednesday, March 23, 2011

World Ballet Competition: International Job Fair

DIRECTOR REGISTRATION: To register, submit the Director Registration Form to the WBC by email at

DANCER APPLICATION: To apply, please visit for complete details on what to include in your application.

For More Information, please call the WBC at 407.849.4669 or visit our website at

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fast Facts on our Hosting Theatre

Known as one of Orlando’s prime theaters, we are proud to host the fifth World Ballet Competition in this historic venue of the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center.

  • The building was constructed in 1926 for approximately $175,000 and originally known as the Municipal Auditorium, or “Muni Aud,” to Orlando natives.
  • After an extensive renovation in 1978, the theatre was renamed in dedication to Mayor Robert Carr’s service to the City of Orlando.
  • Today the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center “hosts some of the largest and most popular Broadway and theatrical touring productions in the country.”
  • Notable artists haved included Yanni and Itzhak Perlman.

For more information, on the Bob Carr visit

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Taras Domitro: WBC Medalist Feature!

After wowing the judges with his high-flying leaps and impeccable technique, Taras Domitro walked away from the World Ballet Competition 2008 as the Professional Gold Medalist! After the competition, Domitro joined the San Francisco Ballet as a principal dancer.

Check in on his status in a video filmed by Q. Wharton: See how he warms up and the ONE thing he always does before he going on stage - just click the link below!

Friday, March 11, 2011

View & Recruit Premier Talent!

The WBC announces the second annual 2011 International Job Fair!

This is your chance to recruit premier talent from across the world - via your computer or live at the theatre! All auditioning dancers have been pre-screened by the WBC Panel. Access to all dancers’ resumes and information will be provided by the WBC at the director's request.

If you have registered by March 26, you will receive the WBC exclusive hotel room rate and ONE COMPLIMENTARY ticket to the "All Stars of Dance" final performance. This is THE event no director can miss!

To register submit the Director Registration Form to the WBC by email at or mail to 3306 Maggie Blvd., Suite B, Orlando, FL 32811.

For more information, please call the WBC at 407.849.4669 or visit our website at

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011 WBC Competitors Announced!

Congratulations to ALL 2011 WBC Competitors! This year, the World Ballet Competition received more applications than ever; making the WBC Panel's job very difficult to choose the final competitors. The final list is posted at

This year we are looking forward to a bigger and even better competition. The Master Class Program and International Job Fair are returning and we have also added an extra day of competition rounds (Monday, May 30).

Please continue to check our WBC Blog as news & updates will be posted!

If you have questions, you can post them as a comment on our blog or send an email to

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tips. News. And More from the WBC 2011!

Welcome to the first blog posting of the World Ballet Competition! We are now in our 5th year and excited to once again bring world class artists, directors, choreographers, teachers and more to Orlando, Florida, USA.

For our first blog, we want to offer some general updates and tips each competitor can use for their stay from May 29 - June 4, 2011.

First - Many people have asked what is there to do before, during or after the competition? Well, our previous competitors enjoyed spending time at the beach, theme park hopping (who can miss Disney or Universal while they are here?!?), shopping, visiting the Science Center and area museums, or simply lounging by the pool at our host hotel, the Sheraton - Downtown Orlando. Whatever you enjoy one thing is for sure, here in Orlando you will have no trouble finding the activity you love! If you would like some more information about our host city, visit our "About Orlando" website tab.

Second - We have received some questions about what is new in our 2011 event. Here is some information on our new events & updates.

2nd International Job Fair: This year marks our second annual International Job Fair, which is an intercontinental vehicle that will provide qualified dancers with the opportunity to audition in one place & one time for numerous professional job openings worldwide. The Job Fair was created to make finding a job a little bit easier for dancers and directors alike. If you would like to audition in the Job Fair or view dancers for hire, go to our "Job Fair" website tab.

# of Applicants: This year we received a record a number of applications. Thus, with so many skilled dancers to choose from, the WBC Judging Panel certainly had a tough job deciding which dancers qualified to compete in Orlando. However, we are still in need of groups applications. Please send your application ASAP if you would like to be considered to compete in the Group Category! Also, a big congratulations is in order to all of our 2011 WBC competitors! Keep up the good work and we are excited to see you onstage this SUMMER!

Third - With every year passing, the World Ballet Competition is pleased to know that more and more dancers, family, teachers, coaches, directors, and audience members (across the world) are excited and thrilled for the talent they see in the daily competition rounds and concluding All Stars of Dance. As the word spreads, we are able to inspire, culture, and entertain more viewers in a variety of countries worldwide. So whether you have watched from the beginning or a fresh viewer, we hope you enjoy your time living the World Ballet Competition experience!

For more information on the World Ballet Competition, visit