Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tips. News. And More from the WBC 2011!

Welcome to the first blog posting of the World Ballet Competition! We are now in our 5th year and excited to once again bring world class artists, directors, choreographers, teachers and more to Orlando, Florida, USA.

For our first blog, we want to offer some general updates and tips each competitor can use for their stay from May 29 - June 4, 2011.

First - Many people have asked what is there to do before, during or after the competition? Well, our previous competitors enjoyed spending time at the beach, theme park hopping (who can miss Disney or Universal while they are here?!?), shopping, visiting the Science Center and area museums, or simply lounging by the pool at our host hotel, the Sheraton - Downtown Orlando. Whatever you enjoy one thing is for sure, here in Orlando you will have no trouble finding the activity you love! If you would like some more information about our host city, visit our "About Orlando" website tab.

Second - We have received some questions about what is new in our 2011 event. Here is some information on our new events & updates.

2nd International Job Fair: This year marks our second annual International Job Fair, which is an intercontinental vehicle that will provide qualified dancers with the opportunity to audition in one place & one time for numerous professional job openings worldwide. The Job Fair was created to make finding a job a little bit easier for dancers and directors alike. If you would like to audition in the Job Fair or view dancers for hire, go to our "Job Fair" website tab.

# of Applicants: This year we received a record a number of applications. Thus, with so many skilled dancers to choose from, the WBC Judging Panel certainly had a tough job deciding which dancers qualified to compete in Orlando. However, we are still in need of groups applications. Please send your application ASAP if you would like to be considered to compete in the Group Category! Also, a big congratulations is in order to all of our 2011 WBC competitors! Keep up the good work and we are excited to see you onstage this SUMMER!

Third - With every year passing, the World Ballet Competition is pleased to know that more and more dancers, family, teachers, coaches, directors, and audience members (across the world) are excited and thrilled for the talent they see in the daily competition rounds and concluding All Stars of Dance. As the word spreads, we are able to inspire, culture, and entertain more viewers in a variety of countries worldwide. So whether you have watched from the beginning or a fresh viewer, we hope you enjoy your time living the World Ballet Competition experience!

For more information on the World Ballet Competition, visit http://www.wbcorlando.com

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