Sunday, April 15, 2012

World Ballet Competition Reveals New Site, Layout for Blog

If you have found this posting, you are behind the times. The World Ballet Competition (WBC) has upgraded and revealed its new blog on the official WBC website, which means this is our final posting on

Check out the new WBC Blog here.

The World Ballet Competition decided to move its blog after revealing an upgraded website. Engaging and user-friendly, here are some of the new features the website includes...

Home Page Picture Slideshow - allowing visitors to clearly see all of the latest news and updates.

- part of its community building features to allow students, professional dancers, teachers, and choreographers to share tips, stories, and best practices on a variety of dance topics.

Easy to Access Menu...the new menu offers an easier way to find what you are looking for and allows quicker movement throughout the website.

In-Website Blog
- where readers can find exclusive interviews, exciting news, and behind the scenes information on the World Ballet Competition.

For more information on the World Ballet Competition or to check out the upgraded website, visit


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