Saturday, May 14, 2011

Interview with WBC Founder & Exective Director: Vasile Petrutiu

Nearly 2 weeks before the World Ballet Competition 2011 is to begin in Orlando (Monday, May 30 -Friday, June 3), we sat down with the WBC Founder & Executive Director, Vasile Petrutiu, to hear his thoughts on the upcoming competition.

What surprises do you have for the audiences or dancers? New world premiere choreography by Viktor Plotnikov and a few Orlando Debuts.

If participants only have time to visit one attraction in Orlando, which one should they visit? Sea World

What are you most excited about for the WBC 2011? To be over! Just kidding! I am looking forward to meet new competitors and their coaches and revisit with the ones returning to the WBC!

Have you competed before? NO

Do you think you would have liked competing? YES

How is this years’ “All Stars of Dance” different from past performances? The repertoire blend is close to a perfect evening this year. The combination of classical, neo classical to contemporary covers the entire world of dance from the most from the novice to eccentric.

What is one thing that surprised you the most since starting the competition in 2007? The world wide interest and response from the word of mouth much more so than from all media.

What advice can you give to those competing? Feel at home. Show everyone how much you enjoy dancing. Do not go for the win!

The competition will be broadcast LIVE on the Internet! Is it free to watch online? We hope so!

How can viewers watch online? Either through the homepage of the WBC website, or at

Do you have any final thoughts or something you wish to tell the WBC fans? If you like rollercoasters or suspense movies, this will do!

Want to learn more about Vasile? Read his biography here!

For tickets and more information, Call 407.849.9948 or Visit

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